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According to the Huffington Post’s Complete Guide to Blogging, I should be posting more often, and making my posts briefer, and linking to things when I have nothing to say.  Yes, I should.  I love the essay form – I want to feel like I’m saying something substantial.  But a heavy meal is not always called for.  I should be serving more snacks.

Anyway, I really admire Ta-Nehesi Coates over at the Atlantic, he seems to have a way of inspiring a lot of great discussion.  And he often does it with only a paragraph or two.  Here’s an example – one simple question, 133 comments in reply.  My comment is dead last, cos I always get to the party too late.  But gosh, it’s insightful.

I also commented on this discussion on ‘post-racial’ times, and this discussion on modern creepiness.

And, end post!  How’d I do?  10:43.  I could probably do better.

2 Responses to “TNC is my hero”

  1. Found you through TNC, I really digged your comment on the thread, very inciteful. Will probably follow you from now on.


  2. Thank you!


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