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My dad and I don’t get along politically; he’s on the other team, so to speak, and very knee-jerk when it comes to the political blame-game.  In regard to the financial crisis, he blames only Democrats in Congress, particularly Pelosi and Dodd.  He throws in a little hand-wringing about the failure to drill, how ANWR and offshore drilling would have saved us from this crisis.  I think he gets most of his talking points from Limbaugh, unfortunately.

I do my best to not be the Tweedledum to his Tweedledee, and reactively blame Repub fatcats.  I obviously know there is legitimacy to the claims of Democrat error in regard to mortgage profligacy.  Unqualified borrowers stepped up to the plate, due to programs set in place by various Democrats.  However, this is only one part of a very large picture.  It’s very difficult to get a perspective on how this colossal failure occurred, and it makes us wish for an uber-Madoff, some single person on which we can place all the blame.  Or a single party.  Or branch of government.  Or industry.  Or position.  Stop wishing, and please start studying.

This article is Britain-centric, being from the Guardian, but I think it does a good job assessing how many people failed concurrently.  I hope that media outlets continue to grok that people need as many introductory doorways to understanding this crisis as the media can provide.  This American Life has done several in-depth introductions, helping me to understand credit default swaps, for example.  Please post here if you have any other articles that can serve the non-economist.

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