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I was at a party the other night, and a friend was discussing a type of disconnect that she has with certain types of entertainment.  I was happy to find that we shared the same aversion.  It’s that thing where a character is about to do something that you know is a bad idea, but cannot advise them from the couch.  It’s the prime reason I haven’t been able to get into Curb Your Enthusiasm, cos it just seems like it’s a continual “Aw, Larry, no, don’t do that, no, ewwwww.”  “Larry, don’t pursue this conversation.  It’s not worth it.  You’re going to embarrass yourself.  Larry, damnit, listen!”  Do you experience this?

I had the same feeling for Rod Blagojevich’s media tour.  I avoided every bit of it, cos I just didn’t want to see the guy dig himself a deeper hole.  Go home!  friggin idiot insane traitor (grumble).  I even extended this to Rachel Maddow’s show, who had an interview with the Governor last night.  Normally I watch Rachel regularly, but I couldn’t bring myself to dial it up last night.  This morning, I go to HuffPo, and there it was again, the entire interview beckoning, yet revulsing me.

Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might have been.  It was a very long interview, and first I must give Rachel props for having the most tolerable interview style in cable news.  She hit with tough questions, the sort of emperor-has-no-clothes type questions that certain journalists avoid in favor of touchy-feely stuff.  She did not ask him to do a Nixon impersonation.  She let Rod finish each of his answers.  And she did not yell, scoff, or otherwise dismiss him, other than reserving her right to be skeptical.  Wow, grown-up news style.  O’Reilly should take some notes.

I wasn’t convinced by his argument, but he does have his defense reasoned out.  It’s in line with all the outrageous stuff he’s said and done in recent weeks.  Consistency in no way equals innocence, but inconsistency would end the game.  If it is a delusion or an elaborately constructed lie, he seems brave enough to put his story’s feet to the fire.  That said, if he’s really pushing to have this tried in the media, it’s to us to find the holes in his story.

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  2. I don’t ever think “no, don’t do it Larry” but i’m usually cheering him on, because all his little rules and opinions are things I agree with.


  3. Eventually, I’ll bite the bullet and watch the DVDs of Curb Your Enthusiasm cos I’ve heard nothing but good things. I probably won’t get the box set of Blagojevich’s media whoring. I get the feeling we’re only at the end of disc 1.


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