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I am not a pacifist. I am Jingo Killah.


We explore the eternal question: What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?

Haven’t been posting. I’ve been watching politics and reading politics and talking politics, but haven’t found inspiration to write about politics. The minute-to-minute assessment of the first month of Obama has been at turns inspiring and entirely frustrating. It’s like he’s on a balance beam, working his first routine of the day, and the whole world thinks they’re Coach Bela Karolyi, bellowing “Look out! You’re losing your balance!” and “Oh, that’s gonna cost you.” I’m of the school “Fuck off and watch until he’s dismounted.” Many would disagree, and certainly the news cycle furor would chew this up. But I would like to preach just a little patience, folks. Let a man work.

Here’s a nifty thing I came across – I think the artist may have landed a recent American Express ad. This is much cooler than than. Ladies and Gentlemen, John Lennon, circa 1969.

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