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I always get drawn to this kind of nonsense. I really want to expand on this old post of mine somehow, express it in a digestible mainstream kinda way. It discussed how politics is a game played in the middle, with the poles exerting force but not ultimately controlling discourse. I’ve been thinking about this stuff lately with all the Rush stuff in the news – I thought it was brilliant to make him the figurehead of all the noise on the right, cos he’s King Rightwing. He has no influence over the middle or left, of course. And ‘allowing’ him to be King makes it easy for the Democrats to control the substantive conversations in the middle. So, though some progressives are horrified at Limbaugh’s current positioning, it makes it very easy to dismiss large amounts of his ideology, and the proponents of it.

I was over on SodaHead doing research for a paper I’m working on. The whole site is just shit, but I couldn’t help but have fun rolling around in it for a little while, like a naughty labrador. There were two poll questions that were related to this issue: this and this. I made this observation in the comments of the former thread:

There is one major element missing from this challenge: What is at stake for Limbaugh?

When two candidates are debating, there are two goals both candidates have: to gain undecideds, and to not lose those persons already in their column. They are fighting for the middle 20% of the electorate.

Rush has absolutely nothing to lose from this. He has his polarized 30%, and no matter what stupid shit he says, he won’t lose any of his precious dittoheads. Obama has far more to lose. The perception of “winning” or “losing” this debate is immaterial; Obama probably would not gain any higher approval than he has now, as the rushbo 30% will not be converted. And Obama might lose a few points, just from a comment or two.

So what’s at stake, Rush? What are you willing to bet that you would win a debate against Obama? You’re not running for elected office, so you can be as incendiary and polarizing as you like. You have absolutely nothing to lose. On top of that, you offer your own (home-field advantage) radio studio as the venue. Wow, that’s real generous. Tell you what, Rush. If you can actually produce some stakes here – say, leaving the airwaves for a year if you lose the debate – then it might be worth Obama’s time to consider debating you. Otherwise, your throwdown isn’t worth shit.

So I entitled this post “Limbaugh is a troll” not to be all ad hominem and shit. He is, by proper definition, a troll. He has a tremendous sense of his own entitlement in the debate, yet brings nothing – no risk, nothing to contribute, no focus on anything but himself. I have to admit, it’s fun to troll, especially on a site like SodaHead, but it does not dignify the President to feed any trolls.

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