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My reticence in writing is mostly because I’ve been knocked off center.

It’s obviously not because there’s nothing to write about in politics; there’s a ton. So much of what is going on, though, just feels like trolling. I believe enough in myself to want to transcend this cycle’s hack pejorative terms and bland leading questions (“Is Obama a socialist? Who is responsible for our moral breakdown? Where is our country heading?”) I want to believe enough in myself to find real substance, like the bloggers I do admire.

I want to avoid bending to my knee-jerk responses to the right-wing cabal. The Fox News machine feels like it’s making traction, but I don’t know if they really are. Most of what they say is laughable, pure absurdity. I admire those who are shoring up resistance to the distortions and lies and hypocrises – Stewart, Colbert, Olbermann, Maddow, Media Matters, HuffPo, et al. I love to see Glenn Beck be exposed for the alarmist idiot that he is. I also think we’re shoring up some important resources for the ongoing debate about what ‘-ism’ Obama is engendering (is he fascist? no. Is he socialist? No. Well, what is he?) And I will continue to watch for those crystalline moments when a single line is thrown, like David’s rock at Goliath’s head, for the win. This week’s line, from John Stewart: “I think you’re confusing tyrrany with losing.”

Ultimately, though, it’s a travesty when politics is being played at the level of a Michelle Bachman. There’s two ways to look at political engagement: if we’re on a battlefield, all we can do is to continue to shoot until we’re completely out of ammo, and avoid being shot ourselves. This can continue ad infinitum, especially as both sides rarely score a kill. But, if we are on an Exodus, none of what the ‘enemy’ has to say has any consequence. We have to depend on our own observations and skills and perceptions to build a new political reality, and let it stand on its own merits.

I’m not a poly-sci major, or a journalist, or an economist. I’m just intellectually engaged by the political world we live in. But I don’t see the point in adding to the noise of polarized politics. This puts me in the tough position of aspiring to Hilzoy’s level, or the like, without the benefit of years of intellectual rigor and ongoing political immersion. Either that, or packing it in.

The best I can aspire to – I will keep this blog up for when I do have something substantive to say, or want to link to something that has real value.

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